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By ford.rhodes
I'm in San Marcos and looking for somewhere to fish for bass. I know there are a lot of ponds and small lakes nearby, but most are private. The SM river seems like it might be good outside of town, but it is awful in the city limit. And then the poor Blanco is just a bunch of pools. So if anyone knows where to wet a line and doesn't mind sharing a spot let me know.

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By theskelly10
Lived there for 4 years for school, and fished the SM river HARD. City limits aren’t bad but you have to flip and punch the vegetation to get the good ones. The stretches outside of SM can be good. Just the paddle/scenery is awesome. I always threw jigs/finesse worms/ and punched vegetation with success. Those stretches you’ll need a pick up and drop off vehicle. You tipically can’t paddle back up them.

Good luck!
By pontoonman
Try the opposite direction Upstream , going from the launch at I-35 listed in Post Number 2. There is a dam at a short distance Upstream and I used to be able to access the large pool the water bye portaging a tube over the dam. But I haven't been there in many years and access could be blocked for all I know at this point of time.
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