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Hey everyone,

I have a question. I fished Fayette County Lake most of younger years with my dad on his boat. But I have a question. Where are you guys putting in your kayaks at to fish the lake? I know of the two parks (Usually used Oak Thicket for boat fishing).

But I was just curious where everyone is putting in at that lets them get to their spots faster. We used to boat over to a couple of the coves from Oak Thicket but with a Kayak that paddle is a longer now
You have 2 parks to launch from. Park Prairie and Oak Thicket. Oak Thicket is best I think also in my opinion. If the boat ramp is real busy you can just drag on over to the left of the ramp in the camping area and put in from the shore. I've camped there and had a good time also. Didn't catch many in the middle of July, but it was still nice. They don't allow ground fires so I just brought my little bbq pit and had a camp fire in it. :)

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