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I know this is the freshwater section but for all you Houstonians that live in or around the surrounding area that are interested in doing BTB kayak fishing or even if you are a regular kayak BTB fisherman and would like to fill your ears with BTB talk, here is the perfect opportunity. Prof. Salt, Glenn Madden, will be speaking in Houston this upcoming Tuesday, April 17, at the PACK meeting. I have met many freshwater fishermen that have showed an interest in going offshore to fish on a kayak. This meeting is the perfect time to listen and start collecting your gear to prepare for this summer.

For those of you that have noticed, the weather/conditions for spring BTB kayak fishing haven't been very promising so far this year. If you can't hit the water offshore to fish, why not listen to the man that has done it as many if not more than most in regards to BTB kayak fishing. Prof. Salt will be coming to Houston so you won't have to do the drive to Corpus. Come on out and listen to a knowledgeable fisherman and spend time among other fellow kayakers. For more details: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=246685

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