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By pontoonman
Kayaks can be walked upstream around the Guad motorboat rapids, where you'll have the other upper river rapids to yourself - or you can drop down at Rebecca bridge. Water is low right now so there not be the large numbers of fish and the Portaging may be strenuous. Only caught a couple in an hour when I tried that in my lightweight tube a few months back, would be lots of dragging fatigue for a heavier kayak.

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By Ron Mc
Chubs wrote:
Ron Mc wrote:
I've got to ask - where is Mueller falls? Google maps couldn't find it.

Our plan right now is to go via power boat Friday evening, Sat morning and/or evening, and Sunday morning. Probably not going to do all of that but that's the plan!

I suppose if it's wall to wall boats there on our 1st go we'll swap to kayaks for the next day.

between FM 311 and Rebecca's Creek Crossing - probably a mile upriver from Rebecca's Creek Crossing.
Though it's a good distance, if flows are high, floating down from 311 is feasible.
Right below the falls is a giant pool. There's a bat cave there, and the Trinity Aquifer sources water from the river there.
This was about 250 cfs
https://waterdata.usgs.gov/tx/nwis/uv/? ... 0065,00060
My buddy here is wading on a mushroom-shaped dolomite nob below the falls
and I agree - I would guess right now very few fish have gone past Rebecca's Creek, but even at the current 77 cfs, they will be able to move up. Because of the Trinity Aquifer taking up to 10 cfs from the river, Rebecca's Creek crossing is always the first place the Guadalupe stops running in severe drought.
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