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T-Boy wrote:In New Braunfels Jan/Feb & looking for places to bass & trout fish w/kayak. Catch & Release guy from Colorado.
Any guidance appreciated.
Guadalupe river in New Braunfels is full of trout (some big ones this year) and also has LM bass, SM bass, Guadalupe Bass (Texas State fish, also nicknamed Texas Trout), and some very large stripers (couple 40+ pounders pulled out around the holidays on the fly). Canyon lake , which feeds the Guad also has the same fish. If you catch stripers in the Guad that are legal, we ask that you keep them. They are eating the Trout (one of the reasons they get so big). Not sure which outfitters are running right now for dropping you off for kayaking, someone else might. Otherwise, might wanna call Action Angler Fly shop and ask them.

Fished yesterday at Huaco...caught only one trout, but it was a monster at 19". Not the little stockers that I was expecting, but only saw two other trout caught and they were small. Not sure why it was so slow; they stock every Friday according to the schedule. Anyway, stopped by Rio Guadalupe and were told that we had to pay $8 per person even though they do the land lease access. Whitewater is free, and also in zone 1 so you can keep trout under 12" or one over 18", but the water was cloudy there.
Unless it rains soon, water below dam may be too low to have fun with a kayak. Lots of portaging and Wade fishing may be required because of the shallows. This is the place for trout though.

Canyon Lake has just about all the bass species and lots of Open Water if you like paddling. The white bass and striper run will be going at the Guadalupe River just above the lake, but no trout in these two sections, as far as I know. Boat ramp number 11 gets you to the river above.

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Fished the Guadalupe this past weekend about 1/2 dz small Trout but I saw some bigger ones caught. I caught some really nice ones back in December. I just did walk-in fishing as water is low I park by the FM 306 White Water Park and walk down stream about a half mile to fish (Land is private so stay in the water). I've heard Rebecca Creek is good for White Bass in Feb-Mar time frame but have never fished it. Good luck and post up to let us know how you do.

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The San Marcos, upper Guad and Blanco rivers aren’t too far from New Braunfels if you want something besides the Guadelupe below Canyon Lake. I know the Blanco had some smallmouth in it, but TP&W exterminated a lot from the upper section in favor of the native Guadalupe Bass which hybridizes with smallmouth.

https://tpwd.texas.gov/fishboat/fish/re ... _map.phtml

A link to access on the San Marcos river. I know that river has largemouth bass, Guadalupe bass, Rio grande cichlids. There may even be stocker rainbows during the winter. TP&W stocks lots of rivers.

Does the Guadalupe below canyon have smallmouth bass still?

The Colorado River below Austin is a little farther from New Braunfels, but has great fishing around Bastrop and the time to go is in winter when the flows are low.

There are really a lot of nice rivers not too far from NB

https://tpwd.texas.gov/fishboat/boat/pa ... ls/inland/

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