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By DrKyle1
Ok not a fishing post but... has anyone paddled the Guadalupe from Guadalupe state park to the $5 spot (281)? I can't find much info on that section. Looking for how long it is , rapids etc... I want to take my wife and daughter out And need to do recon first. I am experienced and wife has some but daughter is new and 6y/o. Also thinking of getting out nd doing it without them fist so if anyone wants to go let me know. A Saturday or Sunday. We are going to out Labor Day weekend so I have some time.
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By Neumie
Guadalupe State Park to US 281 is about 8.5 miles (Nichols Crossing is about 4 2/3 miles). I haven't paddle the stretch, but from Google Earth there didn't appear to be too many rapids in the stretch, a mostly closer to the SP. Nothing a quick a scout of while paddling down wouldn't take care of.
By b737
Nickols to HWY 281 is a lot of fun, depending on the flow rate. Using my Ultimate 12 FX, anything below 400cf is not enough water to keep from dragging bottom in the rapids. Lot's of small mouth and Guadalupe bass in that area. If you are just going to run it and not fish, I'd consider just renting a yak from the livery, about the same cost as ferrying your kayak up, and no damage to your yak. The Jackson Riviera they have is not fancy, but it does OK in the rapids.
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By Kayak buddy
Float into the state park from falls creek its a better float than the one u describe. I think the fishing is better

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