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By bullet.catcher
I just visited New Orleans and had enough time to hit the water after work. City Park has not been kind to me. Two visits in a row and nothing to speak of. Next time i'm going to fish the salt.

By Bradleto
I've fished down in Venice, not far out of NO, several times. For me, it has always been out of a boat with a guide: reds/black drum/trout/flounder were our main targets.

It is so much fun down there and some of the most fertile water for fishing anywhere in the world with the confluence of the freshwater out of the river draining and mixing with the saltwater. The fish come up to take advantage of all the feeding opportunities.

On the occasions I have fished down there, we have stayed back in the reeds fishing points the guide was familiar with. Water depth is often between knee and hip deep I guess so one might be able to hop out with waders and stand and fish . . . not sure.

I see lots of TV and YouTube programs showing how the kayakers are now hitting these places and it should be a special trip if anyone gets a chance.

I'd likely suggest going out in a small group and be sure to focus on how to get back home. One could easily get very lost back in those avenues created by the tall reeds.

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