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By SweetJams
I'm an avid kayakfisher and I also do some hunting on the side. My ears have been very sensitive with the gunshot noise and would like to know what you guys use. I wear earmuffs but recently I get some ringing sensation right after every day of hunting. I'm planning to double down with a good custom in-ear filtered earplugs and get a pair from this brand called Big Ear. Anyone here tried their products?
By bones72
I wear muffs now if I am just shooting or doing high volume gunning like dove hunting. Of course these are over some fancy noise canceling hearing aids the VA gave me. (I got my bell rung a few times while deployed). Ron gave some solid advice if you don't have fitted electronic plugs yet as I think plugs molded to your ears are the best option. You're doing the best thing though, taking care of your ears once they are gone they don't come back.
East Flats - Nov 1, 2019

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