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By Texas brine
Hello Gents, I will be looking to do my first Waterfowl hunt this season. Upon researching some of the gear I might need like duck calls, decoys, etc. i came across a hunting blind that seems to fit the bill in what I think I might need being that i will be primarily hunting from my kayak. Any input is greatly appreciated.

https://yakgear.com/product/yakgear-amb ... ing-blind/
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By CheapRide906
My friends and I have had great success just covering up with 12ft sections of nylon camo "burlap" ($9_$15) while using the kayak like a layout boat pulled up halfway into the grass. Could buy a lot of other essentials with the $195...just my opinion. Best of luck.
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By Spoonbill
I use cheap camo netting. It's light and I can roll it up small.

Sometimes I pull the yak into the grass/mud and hunt out of it. Other times I might want to paddle to a spot, but then leave the yak behind and walk a ways. In that case I can hide the yak and use my camo netting elsewhere.

One nice thing I can think of, with the blind you linked to, is that it might offer a little better wind protection than what I use. I know it can be cold in a boat or blind, but I don't know if I've ever been colder than when I'm sitting in the open marsh in my plastic tub.
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