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I am not sure if any of you on the Hunting Forum are looking to do some waterfowl hunting and might not otherwise have access to good hunting, but this operation has been doing business in the Matagorda/Bay City area for a while now and they have opened a brand new, completely bad-@$$ lodge for their guests. This is the pièce de ré·sis·tance of the operation. I have seen and stayed in some pretty nice lodges on the coast, and the Matagorda area has some nice places, but this sort of tops the list for me now.

Run-N-Gun Adventures - I have no affiliation other than I have known one of the owners for years. He has not mentioned to me to get the word out and I receive no compensation of any kind for posting this (I pay the same rate as anyone). I just think there might be a few out there who aren't aware of their operation (or the new lodge), want to do some duck or goose hunting and might appreciate what it is they have to offer.

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