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I am looking for informative forums for gun talk and some magazines that are worth reading. Which are you a part of that you recommend or some that are trash that I should avoid? I figured this site got me going in kayaking many years ago, maybe it could point me in the right direction now.
Well, start here;
http://www.gunsandammo.com/ Good magazine
Also there are blogs all over about different disciplines.

You could go out to the Addicks Range since your around Houston I think. It is Bayou Rifle & Pistol Club. They will have scheduled matches and instructional days at the range. Not knowing how much you know about shooting and guns I would highly suggest talking to the clubs that are local to you. Most all shooters and range officers will help you face to face and that could help with safety and point you in the right direction for what you may enjoy.
https://bayourifles.org/ is their website.

I used to know most of the folks that ran it but I haven't shot there in competition since 2005. There is a guy, Bruce Mahon used to be on the range board there and if he still is he would be happy to meet and teach you. There is contact information on the website and I know they used to be out there every weekend with range officers, instructors etc.
I again must say anyone new to the sport will greatly benefit from a face to face introduction to shooting and firearms. After your initial contact you may see that you would more like to concentrate on one style or another. Try just reading about some different disciplines and ask any questions you may have.

Meanwhile.........Off to the bay for a day of fishing for me.

Snipershide for precision shooting , from basic to some very technical stuff above my head.
We shoot out to 600, some sections of the place call 600 mid range and don't get excited until it's way out there

Better Tha reading though is hooking up with someone that is experienced. Even better to take a class , harder to break bad habits then it is to never develop them.Since you said you just started shooting and interested in all pistols, rifle etc. Safety is the main focus no matter the skill level and if you haven't been taught the ins and outs that's where you start.
Ar15.com is about the only one I know of that will cover every possible shooting sport and is somewhat active. The tech forums are superb. General Discussion, not so much. Lots of morons in the General Discussion area. Texas Gun Talk isn't bad either but the vibe there in the tech forums is a bit amateurish to me. Ar15.com, again in the tech areas, has some genuine professionals posting. Either actual door kicker types or people in the industry. Still have to wade through BS but just not as much.
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