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By Spoonbill
Took the yak out today- Wednesday 1/25. Set out 20 decoys, mostly teal. Very little wind, and the mosquitoes were very thick. Good thing I had my mosquito net or I'd have swallowed a bunch of them.

Got a greenwing right after shooting time. Then missed a couple. Dead after that til about 815am when I got a loner gadwall, then a loner redhead. Decided I'd pick up at 930am. Right at 930 I spot a group of 7 snows coming my way, pretty low. I got two of them. THAT makes my day, shooting geese. I don't have a good goose spot, don't have a lease, and I no longer have goose decoys. I really miss goose hunting, but it's too expensive for me.

Decided to go to a spot where I'd seen some coots. I don't look down on coots, so I chased them around for a good while. Ended up with 14!

SO, a really nice day out on the marsh. I had high hopes for getting a lot of duck hunting in this year, but it didn't pan out. Had to spend a bunch of time getting the house fixed up, then my truck broke down, so getting a bunch of birds for the freezer today was very satisfying.

Haha, the yak needs a new camo coat, but the yellow peeking through actually matches all the dead brush we have on the coast right now, so I wasn't too concerned. I don't guess the birds cared either.

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