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By Hardcorewadefisherman

Was wanting info about duck hunting Brazoria. Do you need any permits or are there any certain days you can hunt it or it's open everyday? Any help would be greatly appreciated

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By Cruisin_Cuda
all you need is your regular hunting license and federal duck stamp. i can tell you though after hunting it over the last few years that it has gone way down hill and i quit going this year. the gate opens at 4:00 am on the days it's open (usually the weekend and one weekday) but i haven't looked it up since i quit going there. be ready for a ton of walking, gumbo mud, sky blasters, and duck dynasty wannabes. they will literally walk in late right before shooting time, throw out a dozen mallard duck decoys 40 yds from you and then call you the A-hole....then they'll sound like a cat humping a duck on their bass pro special "duck" call screaming and shooting at ANYTHING with a pair of wings that gets within 500 yds. i really do mean 500 yds :x the federal game wardens don't play either so make sure read up on the rules of the refuge and state laws.
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By Spoonbill
Cruisin Cuda is 100% right. Except you'll also get folks walking around AFTER shooting time.

When I used to hunt it, before they opened up the east side, I'd see a game warden just about every time. Never much of a big deal, though they will snoop around looking for any lead shot. SO, if you have some dove or squirrel load just sitting in the truck, they will pop you for it. Not that I ever had any, but they do snoop.

After they opened up the east side marsh, I'd go down that canal that leads to Alligator Lake, in my kayak. It's about a mile to the first big pond on the right, and a little less than 2 miles to the mouth of Alligator. I've done okay during teal season, hunting the west side of the lake. The pond that's about halfway down the canal, I've heard shooting there, but powerboats always beat me to it, so I don't have firsthand experience. Didn't have any luck on the south end of the lake the couple of times I tried it, even though the marsh side sounded like a war zone. BTW, the canal and lake hold nice reds.

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