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Assume you mean with a rifle. Big solitary boars are unpredictable at best. He's probably gone. But if it was a sounder they just regrouped and went to the next feeder on your
place or the neighbors. If nobody is pushing them they will be back on schedule. Sometimes
a few of the small hogs will trickle back in shortly after a shot but not the norm.
By Floundapounda122
Thanks for the help LOOKIN4REDS! I was in burton Texas today and I was locking up the deer stand getting ready to head back to the house when i looked across the field and saw 3 (about 175lbs) hogs. I got so excited that I completely missed :lol: ! I decided to stay there for For a little while but they never came back.
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By dwilliams35
Depends on whether you really missed, or just hit him somewhere that didn't quickly take him down. If it's just noise, they'll come back pretty quick. If they've got part of their small intestine blown up, who knows...
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By Taz
Get you a trap. They don't run off and it's hard to miss!
There's Nothing like having your hunting done for you.
The only down side is when you walk up and discover that instead of the one or two hogs you wanted them hogs are stacked in there like cord wood and your pleasant day of "hunting" just turned into a full day of backbreaking WORK!
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