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By HungOver
The mature buck is rare to find in the area I hunt but this guy got in my way leaving the property 12/4.
Is anyone have an idea to reduce the strong taste? I heard soaking milk for a few hours helps but haven't tried yet. Thanks~
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By Yaklash
It's been years since I roasted a venison ham, but when I used to, I'd soak it for a couple of days in buttermilk in a large, disposable, aluminum roasting pan in the fridge; turning it over twice a day - then I'd smoke it low and slow for 4-5 hours. For other, smaller cuts like backstrap and tenderloin, I don't feel the need to do it on those cuts, but if you know he's old and was rutted out, it wouldn't hurt.
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By The Eradicator
First, bleed them out immediately. Not necessary with most high power rifle calibers as they bleed out from that.

Gut and cool down the meat asap.

Soak in saltwater and change it fairly regular keeping ice on it. I'll let bucks age like that for a week but I keep it well iced and heavy on the salt.

A final step I do is to soak the blood out in salt water after cutting.

Don't get any hair in the meat.

Trim the slime and silver skin and fat so you are left with clean meat. If you get good with a fillet knife it will cost you very little meat but the trimming makes it better. It's worth the loss of a little meat.

Some people swear by milk, buttermilk, or even vinegar, as mentioned above. I've never tried it. Vinegar I wouldn't put too much nor leave it more than overnight.

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