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By pdt818
Always find these posts fun on other forums. Post up your sightings if you've seen any already. No need for exact locations.

Saw a group of about 50 on one of our properties in Katy/Brookshire and another of about 200 easy in Garwood/Eagle Lake. Lookin good!
By pdt818
Good to hear man. I'm seeing lots of reports of big numbers. A lot of people are saying this is the earliest they've seen this many birds down in years. We didn't see out first birds last year until 3 days before season. We've been putting a lot of scouting hours on the new properties already and all signs are pointing to a good start to it all.
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By Cruisin_Cuda
saw maybe a dozen teal opening morning and they never even got close. only heard about 20 shots total, but i've learned to not take that seriously after watching duck dynasty wannabes shoot at anything and everything. :roll:
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By Spoonbill
Went opening day. Had 2 fly over from behind around 8am, no shot. Around 845am one landed in the decoys, shot it. Saw 2 flying way out while picking up decoys at 930am. SAW 5 ducks total, that was IT :? Didn't bother going out Sunday.

Did pick up some gar and catfish on the way in :)
By pdt818
Our lease had thousands of birds over cut rice. It is located in the Eagle Lake/Garwood area. We shot a 5 man limit Saturday and a 6 man limit Sunday. I went Monday morning before work and made quick work of my limit before 7:30 and then headed to the office. The slight weather change we will see at the end of the week will change things up a bit for sure. Does not take much to get Teal to change their pattern. Super fickle birds. Here is a pic from the Monday hunt.
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By Spoonbill
Yeah, 15 teal in the freezer would be nice.

I hit freshwater marsh this opener. Years ago my dad had leases with rice fields in Eagle Lake and East Bernard, and they were always swarming during teal season, at least the first few days. I'll probably hit around Eagle Lake this coming weekend. Pressure some birds my way, will ya?

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