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By Fore right
Curious if anyone had any info on riceland waterfowl club or any other hunting leases on the West side of town as it looks like I may be moving to the Katy area.
By pdt818
I think I answered you on Facebook but not sure. I am a member that and David is top notch. Highly recommend you go tour the property. If you join, you can ask to be put in my group if you care to. We live in Brookshire. One of the properties that is open to us is visible from my roof. Takes 7 minutes from drive way to blind. David is hard at work discing and filling ponds currently. Planted tons of millet.
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By clebba
I am a member as well. Last year we put a hurtin' on the teal on opening weekend, then the front came in that pushed all the birds south and the rest of the season was terrible, as it was everywhere. Looking forward to better numbers this year. I have other friends who hunt the Eagle Lake area and they had terrible numbers too. But I enjoyed RCW and the fact that I could drive to the blind and dump all my dekes and gear. No more carrying everything across the marsh at some ungodly hour of the morning and being all sweaty and whatnot for the rest of the day.
By Fore right
Curious as to how yalls season has been going. Hopefully this past cold front pushed a lot of birds in. Ill be moving to Houston in the next week and would like to join on next yr.
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