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By Night Wing
Willacy County Yaker,

I like your javelina avatar. It's "different". 8)
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By BigBuck
Willacy county Yakker, I looked for years for an affordable meat grinder. I could not justify spending $1000 for something I used 3 months a year. I purchased a grinder from Northern Tools (northerntools.com) and I love it. I have only had it 3 years, but I grind about 12 deer and 4-6 hogs every year. (Ours and some friends) I have never been able to bind it up. It has a 1hp motor, weighs 75# and cost about $300. After using mine, 3 of my buddies have bought their own. I have never had to stop and clean it up, and have ground as much as 60# at one time. It may not hold up to commercial grinding, but for personal use, it rocks.

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