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I currently have a Trident 15 but it rarely gets used since we moved further from the ocean. I am now considering using a kayak to access public hunting grounds next year so there is no rush and plenty of time. The primary purpose is to get into and out of hunting areas (and carry out a deer if I am lucky). The secondary purpose would be paddling around and goofing off and "fishing" not catching. I would need it to paddle (Not pedal) through hydrilla in areas so I do not want a barge but do need some stability and carrying capacity. I have been looking at Nucanoe frontier 10 or 12 or pursuit or an old town? I have zero experience with any of these. Any direct experience would be great and guidance is appreciated.
Add the Jackson Kayak Big Rig to the list. It has reasonable hull speed for a 38" wide kayak, you can walk all over it, and it has a true working capacity of 500#, plenty for you and your deer. A Big Tuna will be a bit faster at 14', can be paddled from the comfortable high/low chair in the center location, and also has a 500# working capacity. We offer free demos of these and all kayak/canoes to make sure you buy the right one the first time. Call me if you have questions.
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