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By The Trout Scout


An unusually active sunspot region is now crossing the Sun.

The region, numbered 875, is larger than the Earth and has produced several solar flares over the past week.

It should take a few more days for Sunspot 875 to finish crossing the solar disk.

The above image of the Sun was taken last Wednesday in a very specific color of red light to bring up detail. Sunspot 875, in the midst of erupting a large Class C solar flare, can be seen as the dark region to the upper right. In the above image, relatively cool regions appear dark while hot regions appear bright. On the far left, solar prominences are visible hovering above the Sun's surface.

:wink: 8)

Capt. Rex
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By slowride
here is a pic i took of the sun two mornings ago. if you look closely you can see the spot.


same morning.
By Hardware
If you look closely you can see the spot :roll:
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By Bankshot
The cameras those guys use are astounding. What sight had that photo?
By The Trout Scout
Yes, slowride, that red orb suspended in the sky viewed through the haze just above earths eastern horizon has ben an awesome sight the last few days or so.

Then again so have the flocks of a dozen or so brown pelicans dive bombing bait along the western shoreline of Little Bay between MceeDee's and the piers to the north.

Bankshot, here's where I get my daily dose of humilty. :wink:


It provides me with education as well as inspiration.

Capt. Rex
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wow thats cool , :D thanks for the info ! :D
By The Trout Scout
Yes sir, Bill R. Larry's Tackle Town is now Rockport Tackle Town and they've been carrying the RR's since May of 2003.

Larry passed away a few years ago and Alton now owns it and Mike does a good job of Managing it. They'll take good care of you.

Capt. Rex
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By slowride
we have them in stock at:

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