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By Barnacle Bill
I was watching the Food Network last night. They had a pizza competition. One of the judges was Mario Batali. He came out in his usual shorts but wearing orange crocs! They aren't only for fishing but help you cook better as well! LOL
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By Minnow
I was in Little Rock last week and everyone is wearing them there......

By TxMike
I was in Little Rock last week and everyone is wearing them there......

Which may be a reason NOT to wear them :D
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By Pablo
On July 4th weekend at Pirates beach, I notice a pair of abandoned yellow Crocs on the beach. Those Crocs looked to be of a larger size as I gazed from a distance, not interupting my gate. Later my girlfriend put those Crocs by the GeoTube Dune walkover bridge. Those Crocs layed for 2 days and I suspect it was not the original owner that ultimately picked up those abandoned Crocs. I fear future abandonment for those yellow Crocs.

Somewhere in there is a message, I think...... :lol:
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I saw whole families in the Bahamas wearing them..that is the ones that
had come off their sailboats for a bit..
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By Bassbug
I have a blue pair, and I lovem' they are perfect for the kayak. they are waterproof (obviously), they float, and they are so dang comfortable.
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By Bluffer
Had mine for a year now, the back strap one broke though.
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By Lat22
The ONLY thing that looks bad on Faith Hill is that wussy boy Tim McGraw. :lol:
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By Bluffer
Thanks Spuds gotta get me a replacement strap, looks out of place without it.....Broke it last summer while climbing Enchanted Rock north of Fredericksburg. Everyone else had nikes or climbing boots on but I was there step for step with em with my crocks on. Broke the strap on the way down, was going way to fast.
By Spuds (Piscator Eximius)
Lat22 wrote:The ONLY thing that looks bad on Faith Hill is that wussy boy Tim McGraw. :lol:

Any guy that wears high heeled, pointy toed shoes has got to be a girly-man! :roll:
By SanAn.Fish
Is it just me or did he become a fashion model after they hooked up. I mean I love boots just as much as a nice pair of slacks and shoes to go to dinner/work, but it just looks funny wearing a cowboy hat, a pair of prolly $800 gucci shoes (just a guess), a see thru untucked shirt, and jeans....maybe i'm old fashioned, but there's stuff ya wear with boots, and stuff ya wear with nice shoes.....dunno, just don't look right (sorry, that's my small town east texas up-bringing coming through).
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By mike
Yeah Faith would look good in anything.

Do guy crocs and girl crocs look the same, I mean are they sort of androgynous footwear, the shoe that is, not the wearer?
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By Bluffer
Just stay away from the pink ones.
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