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By Tombo
What drew me to the Hobie Lynx was its design, unlike any other Hobie. It uses all the usual Hobie accessories like the drive units, cart and other things. The design is of a flat wide and short kayak that uses a different material that reminds me of the Hurricane line of kayaks with two shells, top and bottom attached. Its weight of 45#s is another plus for me, after all I am 69 years young. In this kayak world of newer designs the trend is they are getting heavier.
Another unique feature of the Lynx besides its design is the use of a cartridge system on the rudder, drink holder and rudder controls. Using a button, these parts can be easily removed and in the case of the drink holder/rudder controls they can be swapped to either side of the seat.
Due to its width of about 36", I had to move the mounting points outward for my ratchets, never had a kayak this wide before. Just need to adjust my trailer, that is all. Might be a breeze load in the back of my truck and leave the trailer at home.
On the water this craft is quick and with its rudder turning sharper and its shorter length, I be could turn so fast I could fall out, need to be aware of this as my other kayak is the 16' Revolution. Its a pretty noisy craft as the waves make it pound due to the design of the bow. Larger waves would go over the bow but would drain quickly down the Mirage Drive. A following sea I would imagine water coming over the stern and maybe pushing the craft, I need to be aware of how I store stuff on the deck. I brought along a dry bag to store my stuff that can't get wet such as phone, keys and wallet. There is no below deck storage. In my case this craft could compliment my Revolution 16 fishing the marsh and back lakes. I could easily stand up due to this kayaks stability and higher seat position. This not only serves to see fish in the water, but also lets me extend my time fishing due to being able to stretch. I can also see if there are no fish!
The Lynx exceeded my expectations as I have been searching for years for a craft like this and using my Hobie accessories.

In the end I put down my deposit and ordered one.

Here is a link to describe this craft in detail.
By Special K
I also purchased a Lynx in the Dune color hope to take possession of it sometime in August. It should be a great change from a float tube !! Maybe I'll see you on the water.
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By TexasJim
Wow!, tombo, Hobie's making surfboards again! Not a Hobie fan, but you've got to give them top marks for staying leaps and bounds in front of the competition. Just saw the unveiling of the IKE at iCast. It looks like more of a tank than the PA14.
But, that Lynx looks like a smart departure from their recent product directions, and a more affordable, and easily handled boat for the not-so-brawny masses. I thought the seat looks very high, for a guy used to a Revo, but I remembered you also have a Blue Sky! Interesting they put the 180 drive in it, at a budget(?) level kayak mark. Lots of innovative technology in that yak. Hope the lead time isn't too long. Congrats! TexasJim
By Tombo
Thank you Jim, todays kayaks keep getting heavier with more accessories. The more "stuff" we have the longer it takes to load/unload. Typically every item is handled four times. Load up, unload at the launch, load up again after fishing and unload when we get back. In my case I have to be careful as I am a confessed gear junkie. In general, the less stuff I bring, the more fish I catch.
I did catch a fish during my demo, a large Gafftop!
By SWFinatic
I'll be interested to hear how it works out for you Tombo compared to the Revo's. I'm sure it'll be awesome in the marsh. I'm looking forward to hearing how it does over open water. Biggest turn off for me when I saw it was the length and the cost. To me $2700 for an 11' kayak is steep but looking into it a little more the solid core construction looks to be pretty rigid. I do really like the 180 drive with kick up fins. Those kick up fins are awesome.
By Kayak Kid
Having raced their sailboats, I am a big fan of Hobie construction and customer service. I've never owned a Hobie kayak because of their weight and their paddling characteristics that are similar to that of a bathtub.

This new little boat is one that I would purchase without hesitation. I cannot imagine anything better for day fishing the Gulf coast marsh and bay systems. It looks as if it is stable enough to support stand up fly fishing. A sail would, for me, be a definite addition.

The only down side I see is its inability to carry enough gear for comfortable over night camping. Maybe an over nighter could be possible, but not the two to four night primitive trips I was so fond of. I doubt that these craft are the most paddle efficient boats around, but with that new (to me) paddle system, I doubt that there will be too much paddling necessary.
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By Ron Mc
I saw Tombo fishing his Blue Sky 360 pedal cat a few years ago, and it was very effective for the sloughs and shoreline in light wind.
The Lynx looks like a much more practical replacement for that big boat.
Also know he has this second spot covered, too, but you also need another boat just for coast wind and those days drift fishing with a sock will be your best option.
By WC53
Picked one up and drove it home. Shop in Jax Florida said his initial order was a 100+ and that he had been after hobie for a while to get something lightweight. Said he is selling a bunch of them. Also that he sells a ton of the Hurricane kayaks. Lightweight sells.

Now the bad, my wife jumped on it and took off. I am back to paddling for the dual trips :)

Side note, thanks for letting an old Florida boy hang around this place.

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