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Rode my bike down to check on surf conditions around noon today (Monday). Ran into a few guys who were just packing up after catching and releasing (their words) "75+ trout, specks and sand trout", plus a "50# stingray" and a few small sharks. Live shrimp was the preferred bait. Water was still a little muddy, but the surf was at about 6". Some were leaving, saying the fishing had just shut down for the day. Others had already left, and a few looked like they didn't want to quit.

I'm planning to hit the beach in the morning since the forecast is for continued calm. I plan to bring the T160 just in case I need it to paddle out a shark bait.

Strange turn since we fished the same surf yesterday (Sunday) and nobody was catching much. It was rough and muddy early, but calmed down a lot just in the 3 hours we were there. Only saw 2 fish being caught in the time we were there, between about a dozen anglers. Maybe it was because of the weekend crowd, or maybe conditions changed that fast.

If you can break away on a Tuesday...
Thanks for the surf reports, Impulse.
As Guide Mickey Eastman said on his radio show, "those heavy winds have dropped & we're finally into the normal Summer pattern."

When the winds go light and SE (or N) the Galveston surf can quickly "green up" for gamefish action.

My injured knee is almost back to normal. Let us know how you did. I'm ready for some action.

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Too embarrassed to report after almost getting skunked yesterday, I tried it again this morning. Unlike the past few days when the chocolate milk ran out way past wading depth, today I stood on the interface between ugly beach water and green(ish) water. It was a very clear interface, moving back and forth in the current. Dolphins all over but no birds working. About 10 guys scattered, picking up some mostly small trout.

So I threw a couple of rods on my tadpole tricycle, pedaled down and waded out with the rest of the guys. (no kayak this morning- maybe this PM...) They were throwing live shrimp and beating me by a mile until I moved 150 yards down the beach to get closer to the dolphins. Then it was just about every cast with a 3" long yellow lead jigging spoon. Bite after bite.

I caught maybe 20 sand trout and 15 specks, along with a ladyfish and what looked like a bluefish, in a little over an hour. Also surrounded by small sharks, which soon figured into the story. I got tagged in the thumb releasing a foul hooked hardhead, and it just wouldn't quit bleeding. Not wanting to be bleeding with sharks all around, that was the end of my fishing morning. I may go again in the evening. It is HOT now, with no wind and no clouds for shade.

You'll catch more fish with live shrimp, but most of them were small. Mine were no bigger, but I probably averaged 1 fish every 2-3 casts once I got into them, which ain't bad for a lead spoon. Some of the sand trout were nice, and maybe 1/4 of the specks were keepers. Had to shoo curious blacktip sharks (3-4') several times. I was C&R so they didn't bother me too much.

Surf is up a little, but not bad at all- maybe 1'-1.5'. I think the key is that clear(ish) water right up to the beach. Good luck!
Good solid surf outing, Impulse, surrounded by dolphins and sharks! You had a feeding frenzy.

Sounds like the spoon lure works in that surf. It's all about location.

Thanks for the fishing report. I predict the Hobie Navy will be hitting SLP this weekend.

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Update from today. I went out at Sea Isle beach around dawn and caught nothing. Didn't see anyone else catching anything. No birds working, nor any dolphins. About 10 guys fishing within sight, and I didn't see anyone catch a fish- watching them for about half an hour after I waded in. (They may have started catching after I left around 8:00)

This evening, I met some friends who had fished the dawn about a mile away at Isla Del Sol beach and they had caught a bunch of trout, a smack and several small sharks. Claimed to be catching them on every cast (live shrimp), with most being small trout, but a few real nice ones. They left them biting around 10:00 AM when they'd had enough sun.

Wind had picked up, surf at 1.5-2' or so. But I could see my feet standing in belly deep water. Water looked real good, but it seems they're either there, or somewhere else. This morning, that was Isla Del Sol beach, about a mile away from me.
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