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By Tombo
Met a fellow, Justin Coghlan, does a good job giving fishing reports. He does one almost everyday and post up same day he fishes. I think his reports would be very helpful for those visiting the coast. Simple, straightforward with tips and launch locations. Look up Justin Coghlan on Facebook. All of his reports are video's on Youtube under Clean Fun Fishing.
Thanks, Tombo! I like his style of video. He tells you where he fished, and what lures he used, right off the bat. He's not trying to sell you a guided trip, just sharing his catching experience. I fish most of the spots he showed, but I never seem to be there at the right time, with the right bait. I think I picked up a lot of good info from him. I've been catching lots of Reds and Trout, but they're almost all dinks!

Was that you in your Cat/Yak in the LHL video?

Thanks again. Maybe our paths will cross someday. You were nearby one day, when I did Palm Harbor to Little Cut with Ron.


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