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By Yak Dog
I have not been to Matagorda is some time , we went this past weekend and WOW! There are a ton of kayakers fishing the area . What did I miss , fishing tournament or just the Covid boom on people buying kayaks ? We did good with the reds but couldn’t catch a trout over 14” . The flounder were not to bad either. Just wanted to catch up on the kayak scene in Matagorda.
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By Neumie
I don't think there was a tournament this past weekend, but I'm also not really plugged in to that scene anymore. I think it boils down to kayak fishing really exploding these past few years. Covid I'm sure got more people into kayak fishing as well. It's a popular sport these days.
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By Ron Mc
Yak Dog wrote:... just the Covid boom on people buying kayaks ?

One reason I don't mind giving away tips and paddling spots on the forum is that we share so much water with power boats, I like them getting used to us being there so they can work on their awareness and manners.
All boats running Aransas Channel these days come off plane and chug when they see kayaks crossing to LHL.
Though the ante is a lot more, you can be sure there are more new power boaters out there this year, also.

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