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By TexasJim
A good while back, Josh(aka Neumie) recommended Alameda Rattling Corks, as an adjustable depth alternative to popping corks, with fixed length leaders. I bought a couple and went through all the wrong ways to attach my line to them. I finally figured it out and have been using them with some success.

I like the small ones, but couldn't find them anymore. The 3-1/2" & 4" were plentiful. Now, I have noticed all of them are basically gone. There used to be green ones with a red top, and red ones with a green top. I bought two of the last three HEB had, and Tackle Town has none. I think somebody bought the company and stopped making them. Anyone know about this?

Comal Tackle makes a similar rattling cork, but I don't think they're made as well. I had a Comal one that had a glow white top. It was so much easier to see in morning or late afternoon light. Of course, it fell out of my truck! I called Comal about finding some more, and the owner told me the supplier of the glow white plastic couldn't get it anymore. He even dug through his warehouse and determined there were no parts left.

So, I have three Alamedas, and I'm painting the tops white with spray paint, which won't stay on very long. If anyone knows where to source these, can you let me know where. Every site shows them, but they're "Out of Stock".

Thanks all, TexasJim
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By TexasJim
Yeah, Josh, but I didn't need 25! They probably don't have them anyway, after talking to the guy at Comal. Last time I looked at Academy, I didn't see any. The CC and Portland Academy stores are pretty lame, and the help is worse. I'll look next week.

I painted the tops of my Alamedas white today. That'll hold me for a while. It's amazing how much easier they are to see with these 75-year-old eyes, when they're white. White corks matter!


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