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Was thinking of fishing the Shamrock area next weekend, wondering if there have been any issues with breakins the past couple of years around Wilson's Cut. This used to be a big issue with locked cars along there.
Rockclimber wrote:Thanks Neumie- you seem to know the area pretty well. Did you fish the Shamrock Cove area on your recent trip?

No we didn't. Fished East Flats twice, but had a hard time finding keeper fish throughout the trip. I'll reports posted by tomorrow morning.

But, if you have nay questions about Shamrock I fished there often when I was in college and know the waters well.
Rockclimber: I have fished Shamrock via Wilson's Cut several times in my skiffs, not my kayak. All the times I have been there, usually starting about daylight, there have been several cars/trucks there, and people coming and going. I use the kayak launch area, not the powerboat area. I believe the break-ins were a long-back incident, memorialized on this and other forums. Could happen, but with more traffic, less likely. Don't leave valuables in your vehicle, especially in sight. Best to not even lock your car.

Also, the tide can come up into the parking area. I've seen vehicles that boaters left by the water's edge sitting in several inches of water, after a tide rise. Park further away, which also leaves the water's edge accessible to others.

Have fun, TexasJim
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By Neumie
Rockclimber wrote:Thanks Texas Jim and Neumie! Any issues launching from Island Moorings with a kayak? I fished East Flats years ago from the friends house with a canal, not been out there for a long time!

No issues from Island Moorings. I'll have two reports from there posted today.
I've been to Wilson's Cut a handful of times over the past 4 years and I haven't had a problem. However due to past instances of break-ins, I don't leave anything of value in my truck. A few guys from the local CCA chapter also fish Shamrock Cove a few times a year and they haven't had any problems.

I stopped going there just to seek out of areas that maybe don't recive the pressure it once did. I plan to go back and try it again next spring along with East Flats.
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