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By Volkswatson
Hey all, has anyone fished in the Terramar canals?
I have a rental near there next week, and wondered if it’s worth trying at night or such?

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By kickingback
Most homes in that area try to have green underwater lights on to draw in baitfish and them drawing in the predator fish to catch. It should be good if any lights are on. Also you could do some fishing along the banks out of the subdivision for flounder and reds looking for bait near the grass line and bank. I took my flounder gigging light and stick and got a few along the bank to the right of your picture more towards Sea Isle but anywhere along the bank as long as there is some grass and shallow enough to gig.
Let us know how you do!
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By YakRunabout
When you are done with the lights at Terramar, go out to the bay and turn right, try lights in Isla del Sol, then further east and into the canals of Sea Isle, both the long western side canal that goes a ways in with several side canals, as well as the entrance further east into the other canals and marina area. Should find lots of lights among those areas.

I understand that there are also lights in Sunset Cove if you feel like trekking that far at night. A big moon now so a pleasant excursion if you are there this week.

If you want some day outings, go further east into Snake Island Cove. Marshes along the SE shore and east side of the cove for reds and flounder or along snake island and the geotube breaks during tidal flow for trout and flounder.

By mwatson71
I have only fished it once because I don't know of a launching point but since you are staying there I will assume there is a place for you to launch. The one time I fished it I think I did okay. It was too far of a paddle from Sea Isle and not worth the effort to repeat since Sea Isle is convenient for me. But like Kickingback said, those flats between Terramar and Sea Isle are known to hold a few flounder if nothing else. Drag a Vudu shad slicked with Procure along the bottom over there and you might find one or two takers. I'd go real close up at the grassline in those flats if flounder appeal to you.
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By shoffer
I have fished it a couple of times. It is as productive as any set of canal lights at night. The big harbor area is what I have found most productive.

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