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By jgg696
Hey guys,

Thinking of putting a Suzuki 2.5HP gas motor(30lb) on my perception pescador pro 12. Wondering what you guys though about that.
I know this upsets the kayak purists, but I need a motor to get to some faroff spots down here in LLM. Will register as boat if it happens.

http://www.suzukimarine.com/product%20l ... df2_5.aspx

For mount , just thinking of doing traditional PVC and wood , like below.

By SWFinatic
I'm sure you've considered all of these things but I'll throw them out there in case.

First you'll need to keep some additional things on board like your current registration papers, a throw cushion, a fuel can with gas and a valid fire extinguisher. Yes there are docs on TPWD that indicate you may not need this. I can tell you from experience if you have an outboard engine on a watercraft in Texas you will need a valid fire extinguisher.

Also I see you plan to side mount the engine. With the side mounted outboard comes outriggers (or at least one on the side the engine is on). This is added cost, added rigging and tear down time and additional things to transport. I would not recommend adding an outboard to the side of your kayak without an outrigger or stablizer.

I've seen guys go the outboard motor route before because it's cheaper or at least they think so than a Torqeedo. Ultimately it turns out to be more. Granted a Torqeedo 403 won't give you the speed a 2.5 gasser will but it will still give you the about the same distance, keep you from having to carry a fire extinguisher and keep you from having to add outriggers since you can mount it on the back and use the existing steering system.

Finally when it comes time to sell you'll have a lot better chance selling it with a Torqeedo than with a gasser.

Food for thought.
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By JW FunGuy
I get what you are wanting to do, as much as I love to paddle, and I most of the time will paddle 7-8 miles to fish, but I am toast by the end of it. And it always seems I have a headwind on the way back! Plus yes there are places I haven’t been able to get too because they are too far.
So my two cents here are that the video was for an electric trolling motor, they don’t weigh that much by themselves ( the battery does but not the motor) So a gas motor, with gas in the tank is pretty heavy hanging off the side of a kayak. How stable is yours? I know my WS Tarpon 120 wouldn’t like it! Plus you have to think about when you get to that shallow marsh or fishing spot you still have that weight hanging off the side.
What I have been contemplating using for those “expedition” outings is a Newcanoe Frontier 12 it has a square stern so you can throw the motor of your choice on the back. Take it off and it is an excellent fishing kayak that will keep the purists at bay.
Besides, can you ever have too many kayaks?
By impulse
Here's how I put my 2.5 HP Yamaha on a fishing kayak.

Simple and cheap... 3x3x1/4" aluminum angle, a 2x8 for a motor mount and cheap boogie boards so it doesn't roll over from the weight of the outboard. (learned that one the stupid way) Removable with 4 6mm nuts.

Here, it's parked on the River Kwai, about 1/2 mile from the famous bridge. I had a ball with it. Also took it offshore in the Gulf of Thailand. But I left it behind in Thailand.
Stand Up Kayak.jpg
By WC53
In addition to a kayak, I also have a solo skiff. I have a homemade troller setup on my yak. As I have gotten older with shoulder problems, I take the troller most trips (Maybe after shoulder replacement I won’t, who knows).

Gas vs electric. If you are just running distance, gas. If you do a lot of start and stop fishing, electric is way, way nicer. You just turn the dial and advance a bit. It is quiet!!

Even with the solo, I will stick a troller on it some days and leave the gasser home. Now in current, crossing ICW, etc, I like the gas motor.

Making a system can be done cheap if you have time, access to parts and tools. After all my trials and tribulations to get mine where I want it, I would have bought a Torquedo...
By SWFinatic
In terms of another electric motor option yes sir they do. Unfortunately the Bixpy can't compete with Torqeedo in terms of motor power and battery duration. Bixpy is obviously cheaper tho and q great option for many. There's also ePropulsion and Texas Power Paddle

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