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By RickeyRick
Headed to surfside this weekend with the kayaks for the first time to fish, any ideas where to go to catch some fish, I don’t want your hotspots just a good area
By SWFinatic
I'm sure you're aware of this but keep an eye on the weather. Winds/waves are likely going to be up with Cristobal in the central gulf.
By Blue65
Where are you getting your wave reports typically. I use Magic Seaweed and it looks pretty calm up until Sunday. I was wondering what everyone else uses.
By SWFinatic
I look at Windfinder, Windguru, Swellinfo, Magic Seaweed, & Windy. Windfinder is usually fairly accurate. Surf forecast for Saturday is now almost 3.5-4 footers. Might be ok for long rodders.
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