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By shoffer
The Harris County order specifically lists fishing as an activity exempt from the stay at home order. It qualifies as “outdoor activity,” as long as one remains six feet apart while engaging in the activity:

The Galveston County order (http://www.galvestoncountytx.gov/CJ/Doc ... 3-2020.pdf) does not specifically mention fishing as an exempt "outdoor activity," but I think one could make a strong argument that it still falls within the definition of “outdoor activity” because it is similar to walking, biking, hiking or running)

At press time, there are currently no such restrictions in the following coastal counties:

Jefferson/Chambers/Brazoria/Matagorda/Calhoun/Aransas/Nueces/Kleberg/San Patricio/Kenedy/Kleberg/Willacy/Cameron.

In short, get out there and fish while you still can!
Kind of funny that Harris County specifically mentions fishing and Galveston County doesn't. Which one is surrounded by fishies?

Maybe Galveston County doesn't want their waters packed so tight with Harris County refugees that that social distancing is impossible? In any case, I'm interpreting that as a green light for kayak fishing...in the green lights.

Note the date and time on the snapshot from a time lapse... Last night's time lapse video was just as impressive.
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By impulse
shoffer wrote:Impulse - if you keep posting such enticing shots, it will be hard to enforce the six foot rule out there! :lol: :lol:

What's surprising me is the low numbers of kayaks out recently. Some, but not many- and almost none at night. Lots of fast boats out of the marina on the next canal over, but even that's slowed down since the spring break peak.

I do get a kick out of some serious looking fishing boats on our canal that I see on the security camera, puttering right past that mob of fish in the lights to head off into the bay...

That's one thing I like about kayak fishing. Not so much evinruding, and lots more fishing.
bjackson102 wrote:How about in Austin? Are we allowed to go kayak fishing?

The ordinance for Austin does not specifically include fishing but it does include going outdoors for exercise. I don't see how they can say kayaking isn't exercise. I have heard numerous reports of people getting stopped by LEO's asking them why they are out on the road. Crazy times for sure.
yea, it's a bit "lawyerish" if you asked me. They say exercise is exempt but don't specify other than the ones listed.....but they also say all forms of transportation are prohibited unless going out for exempt items including food and medicine. So driving my truck to the lake? hmmmm, not sure. driving my truck to the lake with a kayak to go fishing? hmmmm, not sure. driving my truck to the lake with my kayak to get some exercise? probably so, but again, very lawyerish........... I wonder if there is somewhere to call to get clarification?
I think as long as you maintain you're going for exercise there's nothing they can do. After all being on a kayak is good exercise. I don't see anything wrong with it provided we're smart and respectful. I'm hopefully going Friday.
Great posts, at least those on topic. Thanks for posting some good info guys! :clap:
Impulse, That time lapse video was awesome to watch! You are one lucky man to have that view and location to fish daily! I would be interested on the flounder movement in your lights! I would be out everyday trying new methods and lures to see what happens. Thank you for sharing that! It was awesome! :clap:
The mayor of Port Aransas yesterday issued a decree that among other things, says fishing from the ship channel, jetties, or beach is prohibited until April 2nd. Walking, jogging, playing water sports are allowed as long as no one is within 6 feet of another. No RV's are allowed to move into an RV park. No short-term rentals!
Lots of folks have really got their nose out of joint on that one.
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By Ron Mc
hopefully, we have enough attys here to take the mayor of PA to task.
Of course the mayor's goal is to prevent people across the state from planning trips to PA.
Also found out PINS is open to day use, but closed for overnight camping.
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By Wutevs
For you Nueces County peeps, lockdown begins midnight tonight. You can find the full order https://www.nuecesco.com/Home/ShowDocument?id=24936.

The important parts are:
"For purposes of this Order, individuals may leave their residence only to perform any of the following "Essential Activities" . . .
iii. To engage in outdoor activity, provided the individuals comply with the social distancing requirement of six (6) feet (for example, walking, biking, hiking, fishing, running, boating, wading, or surfing). . .

This Order of County Judge Barbara Canales applies to all incorporated and unincorporated areas of Nueces County. To the extent of a conflict between decisions of Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales and a mayor of any city within the geographic boundaries of Nueces County, the decisions set forth in this Order prevail (to the fullest extent allowed by law pursuant to Texas Government Code Section 418.108(h)."

So ya, I'll be fishing this weekend. And if you violate the 6ft rule, your in my spot bro. :D

I'm not an attorney and this is not legal advice. Merely, my plans for the weekend
Rockport & Aransas County just executed a Stay at Home Order, effective midnight Saturday thru April 14th. All beaches and parks are CLOSED. Outdoor activities(hiking, birding, jogging, cycling, etc.) are allowed with the 6-foot limit. Hiking & birding trails are open. No mention of fishing or boat ramps. I guess one could go over the ICW bridge at AP and fish LHL or B&R Flats, since that is Nueces County.
Aransas County still doesn't have a Corona case. They should close all roads into the county and only let Corona into the county if it's in cans or bottles! TexasJim

EDIT: Aransas Nav. District told me they would be closing all boat ramps at 11:59 PM, 3/28. I guess if I want to "exercise" in my kayak or skiff, I'll have to go to Nueces County, until they totally lock down.
Galveston has now closed all beaches, but only at the beach access points, and only from FM 3005 to the beach. It says nothing about boat ramps or launch points into the bay, so we are safe on those for now. But if these virus mitigation measures don't take effect soon, those may be next.
Here is the annotated text of the order.

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