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By shoffer
Picked all of this up for a total of 18.00 bucks. The best selection is at Academy on Westheimer and Hillcroft in Houston. I also hit the stores in Woodlands (fairly sparse) Highway 59 and Shepherd in Houston (mostly bass tackle - not worth it) and the Academy in Conroe (don't waste your time here).
Thanks for the great product alert. Academy for years was the place to shop after Oshman's bit the dust. But now it seems Academy has diminished its fishing gear to make more store space for overpriced sports clothing and faux Texans jerseys.

Am glad you found the last good Academy standing. I now sometimes check the Heights-area Walmart because their fishing inventory continues to grow. Their H2O Express products are decent and inexpensive.

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Donnie, I still have most those Tsunami Cork lures you gave me, in the tasty "Redfish" pattern. They caught me 3 nice slot reds and 3 decent specks down at East Matagorda. Somehow that big black dot attracts a lot of tail strikes!

But so far no bites up Galveston way. Will keep trying. I don't think they're making any more of that pattern. Thanks for the memories.Image

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Headed off to Academy in Galveston today (Monday) Not much on clearance in the way of lures. Glad it was just a side trip, otherwise it would have been a bust.

Picked up 2 YakGear folding kayak seats for $11 each and a few sabiki rigs at $0.74 each to try under the lights tonight. They're chasing the tiny minnows this time of year, and if the skeeters don't drive me off the dock, maybe I'll catch one or 3.

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