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I spent 6 hours kayak fishing Galveston West Bay, I've been wanting to test a new rod and reel combo on a red drum. KastKing Sharky lll and Speed Demon Pro Shakey Head rod. I found a nice slot red and a couple dink specs. I also needed to dial in a new baitcast rod, H2O Xpress Tac-40. So I went to the neighborhood pond and hoped for a bass. I landed a nice one using my Texas All Water Fishing Lures, Texas Frankenstein worm, sold at Pond Hopper Nation website. Over all it was a fun day

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Fishing Gavleston West Bay Flats for a Red Drum_Moment3.jpg
Fishing Gavleston West Bay Flats for a Red Drum_Moment1.jpg
Yak Dog wrote:I keep paddling when those mosquitoes come around, drives me crazy dealing with them .

There was no getting away from them. We launched at 6am and returned after noon and we still had them all over us. At one point we tried to out run them going over 3mph and we still had around 100 around us. I'm not kidding, hours after being off the water I could still see and feel them lol
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