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By Dandydon
I wish I had some awesome stuff to report, but the weather sucks, I'm at home, and just grateful that TKF survived its existential crisis so we can continue as fishing friends.

Unlike my colleague Shoffer whose THOUSANDTH post recounted his many TKF highlights (and lowlights, too!), I'll just say THANK YOU to Tom Stubblefield and his many helpers who kept this website alive!

I learn good information from TKF and am always entertained by the pros and potlickers who chime in. Wish there was more traffic here, but at least the loyal stalwarts are still around.

I'll be here and am now announcing that Capt. Shoffer just purchased a nearly-new 17-foot powerboat called a STUMPNOCKER! It's blue-white, sleek, and beautiful. So looks like we'll be spending some quality powerboat time on our local waters. Will this curtail our kayaking, our TKF posting, our legal work, our self-respect as dedicated yakkers??

Hell no, it will motivate us to fish and report more! We'll see if Shoffer has the stones to report powerboat trips on a kayaking site! Hello. The suspense is killing me! On trips where we "mothership" out yaks, I guarantee there will be informative and entertaining fishing reports.

Life goes on, men. We survive to fish and report another day. Thanks for this board, the friendships, and the memories!

Let's GO GET SOME!Image

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By Ron Mc
If you think you can get it across Aransas Bay with small kayaks lashed in, we maybe ought to plan a mothership to Fence Lake...
Show us some photos of your new jewel - just not the party aftermath 8)
Ron, good idea to show Shoffer's new craft, but I wouldn't want to rain on his parade! I'll let him show off that blue-white fishing machine. He's waxing his bearings, filing his paperwork, and plotting our next trip.

Stay tuned, men!

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By Dandydon
Thanks, Saltman!
I've seen this board go through a lot of crises and controversy. But it keeps PULLING ME BACK!

I'm hooked. Throw me a cold one and let's catch some big ones!


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Ron, that one hurt! I miss Ms. Cheryl Ladd and hope to catch her between marriages (again) sometime in the near future!

She taught me that all Angels are NOT in Heaven... Hello. Microphone drop. ImageImage

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:clap: Congrats to Don for 1000 very informative and even funny posts that have entertained many to the point of drinking and partying!

:clap: Congrats to Shoffer on the new "ride"! I know it will interfere with the kayak excursions but new PB excursions with reports will show you helping kayakers you see and pass while PB'ing around the bays. I would love to be on your boat if you have any room. I'll pay the gas and bait so let's go! We can leave the kayaks at home and not have to worry about withdrawals from not using them by catching fish in your beautiful boat!

:clap: And let's keep TKF alive and helping all for many years to come.
Thanks, Charlie, for all your good vibes and support! I enjoy fishing with you & Shoffer, and hope he'll include us in some future powerboat trips. I was lucky growing up to fish a lot with top guides Blaine Friarmood, Jimmy West, Mickey Eastman, Cliff Webb and others. I know our local bays pretty well and hope to put Capt. Shoffer on some tasty unmarked reefs and proven spots like Hanna's Reef in East Bay inaccessible to kayaks.

The beautiful Spring fishing weather is soon arriving. Let's GO GET SOME!Image

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Hi Donnie Saltycat Trout-Finder!
We could have used you three weeks ago getting skunked on Confederate Reef... I trolled your killer Tsunami Cork lure for hours without a bite! We needed you out there finding the Winter big trout and throwing out your red marker buoy! Yessir.

Shoffer's new 17:4 powerboat is a sleek Stumpnocker powered by a 4-stroke 60 hp. Tohatsu motor. The previous owner owned it only a few months so the rig is nearly new. Plenty of smart storage bins and TWO (!) live-wells. Guess we'll start packing some live shrimp for those slow Summer days... I hope to convince Shoffer to remove that swivel deck chair to give us more prime casting space.

You know we love the shallow marsh, so this boat only drafts about 12 inches! Has a good trolling motor. Hello San Luis Pass, Titlum Tatlum Bayou, and the Pickels' Marsh we discovered on the mid-East shoreline of Trinity Bay! Plus, I foresee getting to prime wadefishing spots and "mothershipping" our Hobies to remote locations like Greens Lake.

One issue to consider is whether Shoffer will file successful powerboat reports on this TKF website. It would obviously provide useful information to all our kayak brothers & sisters, but will some wanker chime in that powerboat reports are NOT allowed? Ha ha. Hope they don't make me mad enough to go Kung Fu crazy on 'em.

Donnie, your invitation stands to come visit for some yak & powerboat fishing!
Chicago is still cold as a Creamsickle. Come on down and let us put YOU on trout for a change... Hello.

--Capt. Dandydon, Esq.


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By Chubs
Congrats Disco Don!

Shoffer, you have to post pictures of mothershipping when it happens. I keep daydreaming of doing that one day myself. Probably quite a few years before I can justify a boat though.
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By Dandydon
Thanks, Chubbster! I'm not the mean S.O.B.you think I am, ha ha. I welcome your TKF posts and hope you'll fish with our Hobie Navy someday soon.

Shoffer is preparing his new powerboat for some awesome adventures, plus our kayaks are tuned and ready. Looking good for some Spring trips.

Stay tuned and keep chunking.Image

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Or we can buy Shoffer all the beer he wants to go out in his boat with his family and Don and I will launch the same and Shoffer can "drag" us to spots faster and we can get shallow to help us all catch.

I hate to "volunteer" someone to use their new boat especially when they themselves haven't even had time to enjoy alone or with family. So you know Shoffer, I am not asking. You can invite as you like and I will not turn you down! Enjoy!!! :clap: :wink:

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