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By Gallonegro
And TKF website is still up and running? Did I miss a posting or something about it staying up and continuing? I have not seen the “Adios TKF” thread and tried searching it up but nothing came up? Anyone know what is going to really happen with TKF? Thanks!
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By Neumie
I don't know any of the details, but it believe Tom and Mont (dosfrio.com) came to some sort of agreement. I'm it worked out and all the hitory and information on this website can be maintained and grown.
By Gallonegro
Hey Neumie, thanks for the update! That is great news to hear! I am glad things worked out and TKF will be around still!
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By Dandydon
Tom Stubblefield dodged a bullet, and keeps on carrying on.
I'm relieved I didn't have to buy TKF.
Too much work for me!

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