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By Floundapounda122
So I’m down at a friends bayhouse right now and I see a bunch of fish in a light a few houses down ( in subdivision in eckert bayou in west bay Galveston) so I’m like “ ima jump in a yak and get those fish”......... welp..... there black drum.... anyone got any suggestions for finding trout in the lights during winter?(on the water as I type this)
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By GetBent
They there maybe just deeper. I have seen several trout in a light and wouldn’t hit anything but live shrimp that were kicking. If it was about dead and not jumping they would swim right by it.
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By YakRunabout
I caught a couple trout (one a keeper) and a red drum a few nights ago at some lights. I did not see the fish prior to them ending up on the end of my line, but they were there. They took a ChickenBoy WiggleButt Nuclear Fusion Glow!! I don't know if that specific lure is needed, but he sure does come up with some of the best names for his lures. Plus, at the boat show it came with a beer on the side!!

I caught some the outing before on his Joe Bite Me lure!! White has been working for me for a while now -

Enjoy -
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By shoffer
My experience has been that fishing in the lights in the winter time is usually very very slow. I save it for the summer time.

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By Dandydon
I must agree with Capt. Shoffer on that point. He is, after all, the Night Master!
We'll see how he performs today in the daylight at Confederate Reef, West Bay...

Watch for his fishing report, men, and GO CHIEFS!

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