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By thomas.ondrias
I'm heading down to Matagorda Sunday to try my hand. I've been told that Beach Rd. has some good launch locations to get into the bay. Any suggestions on which ones are the best? Will my truck be safe? I'm an experienced kayak fisherman, just not that area. Any help will be appreciated.

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By SWFinatic
This is probably the best launch location in terms of safety of your vehicle and water access. https://matagordabeach.org/matagorda-ba ... sills-cut/
Never had any issues there or heard of any issues there and you don't have far to go to access the mid bay reefs. I know you're experienced just be careful when the east or southeast winds pick up even at 10-12 it gets rough on this end of the bay. 15 mph winds make it pretty much unfishable IMO.

You can also try 3 mile cut if you have 4x4 and are experienced in driving in sand. Not sure what the beach conditions are like now. 3 mile is not a place to go if you're alone for sure. Also your vehicle is more hidden. I've never had any issues back there but it's possible. https://www.google.com/search?newwindow ... hd:;si:;mv:[[28.618244485507073,-95.92715739414052],[28.608072445398072,-95.94745635196523],null,[28.613158588595862,-95.93730687305288],16]
By SWFinatic
St. Mary's has some good fishing spots but parking is iffy. You have to park across the road, unload and carry or cart your kayak across the road and over the single wire barrier (or under it). You also have to park far enough off the road so your vehicle doesn't get hit but still within the Beach Rd right of way and not blocking any driveways. Rawlings parking is the same but the right of way is wider there. Still no parking lot.

I've parked at this spot before (last time was June 2019) and didn't have any issues. However I'm not sure the owner minds people parking and launching there or not. There were no signs posted not to park there and the wire that used to be across the drive had been removed. There was another truck parked there that day also. Thing is it's not that far from Paddler's Park so I never parked there again.

https://www.google.com/maps/place/Matag ... 95.9636299
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