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By johnboat
That is a tough break. I bought my PA14 used. The prior owner was smarter than I would have been. He equipped my mirage drive with a lanyard to attach to the boat. The male strap clip stays with the lanyard/drive. The female clip is on a short loop attached to the rail. I've never tipped but its easy to take this precaution. Again, I would have never thought of this but fortunate my seller did. Maybe Hobie through dealer can replace at reduced cost. It can't hurt to ask.
By impulse
Live and learn. Thanks for reminding us- those things are expensive!

A couple of items to consider, though I suspect a $1.00 piece of paracord would do the trick if you don't want to pony up $20-$32.

https://www.amazon.com/PROYAKER-Leash-M ... B0754YK6BW

https://www.amazon.com/Hobie-Leash-Kit- ... B004CG9RGQ

I'd also consider keeping a fishing magnet in the 'yak with me. I've never needed it while kayaking, but it sure pulls a lot of tools out of the canal for me when I'm doing projects.
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By ZacPac
Well it’s a long shot but if anyone is in the area on the google link and the water is clear and you happen to come across these pedals I would appreciate it
By mwatson71
Last time I was at ACK on Bissonnet they had a drive on sale. It was new if I recall because someone bought a new Hobie and swapped out for an upgraded drive.

Shoffer put a cord/clip on my drive for me when I bought my Revo last year. Haven’t needed it yet but makes me feel better knowing it’s there.
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By Dandydon
Quick Mirage drive story:

Two years ago I was yak-fishing the beautiful Lake Chelan on the Washington State/Canadian border with a good friend in two rented Outbacks. My buddy was inexperienced and capsized his kayak close to the shoreline in 15-ft. deep lake water.

Of course the Mirage Drive plummeted to the lake bottom. I was mad because I'd have to pay for the $500 lost drive!

Then my crazy buddy said he'd go get it. I laughed at his folly. But Chuck dove down 3 times and came back the third time carrying the thing. Wow.

That lake where we yakked is over 1,000 feet deep! I was relieved and blessed.

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