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By BeachAggie
So I recently bought a kayak that needed repairing and I've been very successful in my plastic weld and the repair in general. My question is what is the value of a kayak after it gets repaired? 40% 60% 20% etc? What would you guys pay for a kayak that has plastic welds or other repairs? Specifically 2 scenarios, 1) above the waterline, 2) below the waterline, and 3) in a high stress area(ie the seat or rod holder)?

You will see a Cobra Navigator up for sale soon. If anyone wants to learn about plastic welding and has a cracked yak they're willing to give it a shot on I'm down to help/ have all the tools. Just bring it over.
By SWFinatic
Not sure on the value in terms of percentages. I do see a lot of kayaks that have been repaired taking a while to sell. The used kayak market is already really low. Having an unknown repair like that does add more potential risk for the buyer. Less risk for above waterline/low stress areas and more risk for areas below the waterline and high stress areas. I'm sure your work is solid but I do know there are some who make the repair not knowing what they're doing just to be able to sell the kayak. I think it depends on the type/model of kayak also. A Perception Pescador 10 or 12 that has a repair is going to go cheap since there are so many already for sale without repairs.
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By Ron Mc
it's a tough market with a lot of used boats out there.
I think you'd have a tough time raising someone else up to equal confidence in your repair, and the sale price would almost have to be a gift.
I know Duane at TG Kayaks repaired cracked boats for a long time, and with great results - he was also running a livery fleet on the San Marcos River - but his insurance company forced him to stop repairing boats.
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By karstopo
I had or technically still have a Heritage Marquesa that when it was originally roto-molded has a very thin spot, almost paper thin, on the underside at the stern. An oyster had no problem piercing that thin spot when I paddled over the reef.

I took it to a friend that is a real scrounger and fixer of all things. He repaired the hole and therefore the leak and the kayak had been going strong leak free for years now, although, he uses it an oyster free zone.

What is a kayak worth that’s been repaired? Whatever someone will pay for it. If it’s a popular model or has some cult following maybe you can do pretty good and be at ~ 50% of new retail. Otherwise, 25-30% of retail seems like a fair target. $1,000 new, shoot for $300 obo.
By impulse
I'd love to see photos of the repairs, just to see what's possible.

I've posted before that I bought 4 kayaks last year, including a T160, a Pescador 12, Sea Lion 17 and a SeaHawk 17' fiberglass expedition kayak, all for $950. And I saw guys selling their T160 alone for almost that amount. I wasn't in a hurry and just bought the ones that appealed to me as they came up on Craigslist. I did luck out because I wanted a T150 or T160, but it came with the Pescador 12 on a 2-fer deal, both in excellent shape.

So the price is the price, and I think the seller's motivation and urgency plays as much a part in the price as any repairs. If you happen to have the kayak someone's longing for... Who knows.
By BeachAggie
It's a blue Cobra Navigator. Aside from the repair it's in good used condition. Typical oyster rash and stuff but a good very cheap yak with the repair. I'm going to ask $350, but I'm flexible. I'll do another post with a writeup on the repair with pics and what I learned in the process/research.
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