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By JW FunGuy
Anybody here using a NuCanoe Frontier 12? I’m thinking about adding it to my fleet and was just curious about paddling speed, drain ability etc. I’m mostly looking for short paddles locations, something I can stand up in, possibly for taking my wife along and maybe even to throw a motor on if I want to get away from it all. So far this seems to be the boat but I want to hear from folks that have used it.
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By DumpTruck
I've spent quite a bit of time on a Frontier 12. Very stable and not as bad to paddle as you might think, if you have the right paddle. By "right" I mean that super long one they recommend for that extra wide platform - especially with elevated seating. Not real fun to handle in adverse conditions. Fun fishing platform with a trolling motor. They make some pretty neato bow mount options that I have not had the pleasure of trying. As far as draining, not that great. Only has 2 scuppers at the rear. If you leave the plugs out and have a heavy load, like 2 adults, you'll have some water sitting in it. I think it is best to leave scupper plugs in most the time.
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By Neumie
It's been awhile since I was in one, but I remember how surprised I was when I started paddling it. A much improved paddler over the original Nucanoe; Claasic 12. Obviously pretty stable. Would be a good choice for protected waters and calm rivers. Pay attention to their website as it list two different weight capacities; overall and self bailing.

Nucanoe's best hull is the Pursuit if that's an option.
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By Kaizen
I've fished out of Frontier for several years, mainly freshwater. I got it during the drought when all the boat ramps were out of the water. I like to stand and pitch brush. So I needed something stable. The Frontier is kind of heavy and I found it a chore to paddle in the wind. With the scupper plugs out, water will push back in. Its common for me to have 1/2 of water in the back of the boat. Not enough to get me wet though. I fish a lot of windy early spring days and added a bow mount TM with foot control to help position the boat. It really changed the functionality. I can stand fish and control the boat all at the same time. I no longer fight the boat and wind to get into position. With TM and battery, it is crazy heavy though. I end up carrying everything separately to the water. Even with Nucanoe cart, its just to much.

I have fished two people in the Frontier. Myself and elderly father. We both weight about 200 lbs. Its surprisingly stable. I've had it out on Lake Austin while standing and fishing. I just keep an eye out for wake boats and sit down when they throw a tsunami. The Frontier just bobs around. If I was buying again, I would be torn between the Frontier with TM and getting a peddle boat.
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By JW FunGuy
Thanks y’all. That’s what I kind of figured. I got really excited about it when I was fishing the Guad and this guy comes down standing up and paddling like a standup paddle board, meandering through the rocks. With a dog standing on the deck! So I knew for a big boat it was pretty maneuverable. I’m just going to have to demo one. I was hoping the 2020’s might have addressed the scupper issue but apparently not.
I think I’m still looking for that kayak that doesn’t exist yet. :?
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By Kaizen
If you ever make it up to Austin, you can try mine at Lake Austin low water crossing or Steiner courtesy ramp. Its an older boat would give you an idea.
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By JW FunGuy
Kaizen wrote:If you ever make it up to Austin, you can try mine at Lake Austin low water crossing or Steiner courtesy ramp. Its an older boat would give you an idea.

Thanks Kaizen! That is very nice and thoughtful. I made a vow to never borrow anything because that’s when it will break (or sink!) But still it is very cool that you offered.

If I decide I might be serious I’ll rent one from ACK, and apply that toward the purchase price.
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