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By jfd9000
Hello an greetings from Westbury,

I was not exactly sure where to post as I'm new to kayaking an might as well be new to fishing as I have'nt been since forever. So i put it here as I will primarily be surf an bay areas.

So after spending a month reading here I went an got a used tarpon 140, bought an borrowed some minimal gear and am itching to put it all to use.

I've narrowed down my choice of spots to matagorda rawlings cut or christmas bay churchill bayou for my 1st bay outing as both seem beginer friendly. Plan on trying out the canals at tiki as well. If anyone is interested in joining or already has plans an would'nt mind showing a newb what he does'nt know send a pm lets trade #s an make a plan it'd be appreicated. I work an oilfield schedule so not limited to weekends, just the 2 weeks I'm home.

Thanks for the great forum,
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By TroutSupport.com
Welcome aboard.

Lot's to learn, there's the simple side of fishing and then there's also a really complex side. What rods and reels are you starting with. Keep your lure options simple, and keep your rigging of your yak simple as well.

can't go wrong starting out this fall period with a bone super spook jr. and some paddle tails with 1/8th oz heads. If you can locate schools of fish they'll hit those two all day long. Keep it simple.

holla if I can be of any help at all,
By SteveRetrieve
I fished Christmas bay pretty frequent over the last year and I have always caught fish. Some days are obviously more productive than others. I haven’t really killed it out there, except for one outing last fall. It’s pretty darn shallow, and small enough to cover basically the whole thing in a long day. Fishing should be good there over the next couple months. Water levels can get really low in there if there’s a northwest wind. Check the noaa tide level gauges.

I haven’t been yet, but I’d be down to try east matagorda. Got a four wheel drive? My coworker swears by the 3-mile cut, but you definitely need a 4x4 to get there.

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By jfd9000
Agreed, lots to learn..the trout support videos will be an xmas gift to myself. The boat was rigged fairly simple as I got it, anchor trolley, paddle holder, an rudder deployment. Some of it doesn't feel quite right but won't be making any changes or adding anything until I get on the water a few times k.i.s.s. works for me.
With the inbound weather looks like it won't be as soon as I'd like.

As far as gear I tried to control mysel but likely went overoboard, picked up on recommendations some dsl salt sassy, gulp new penny shrimp, an voodoo shad, on my own i decided i needed gulp mullet in pink white an chartruse. I also have some wild eye swim shad from 10+ years ago still new in the pack. snagged some 1/8 an 1/16 oz jig heads. an a few poping cork rigs.
I should be set for a while, but recommend what color tsl to get next. Will get a super spook jr as well, only topwater in my box is a producer ghost chrome on bottom black up top i bought years ago aswell.

As for rods an reels im set up with 2 curados on a 6'6" med ugly stick an 7' h&h med light an a lews spinning combo 6'6" med rod. using those until i get a feel for what i really like.

As far as real 4x4 no, sorta why i limited myself to rawlings rather then 3 mile as well, I've got an awd crv that i have my doubts about but wouldn't be afraid to test as long as i have someone to yank on it with a towstrap.
With the weather about to dump like it is, guess it really makes no nevermind. About my luck, so excited to get home an fish an it's gonna be a turd floater.
Again, thanks for the input.
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By TroutSupport.com
jfd9000 wrote: With the weather about to dump like it is, guess it really makes no nevermind. About my luck, so excited to get home an fish an it's gonna be a turd floater.

Reaching the fishable areas in Galveston usually takes 1.5 - 2 hours depending on where you are located and where you want to fish... It's not all that bad just to go ahead and commit to a drive and fish south. POC, Rockport, and Port A all good areas right now with the Rain Dump that Galvy just had.

Honestly, for a kayaker, that's some of the most beautiful water there is to fish especially this time of year. So shake off the rain blues, hit the accelerator and point it south.

PM me and I'll head you in the right direction.
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By jfd9000
Well, against better judgment I took a trip to christmas bay fri the 20th right after the big rains, did about as well as expected, got a few hits but couldn't hookup with anything.
Not that the bite wasn't there i just missed them, was another kayaker there that did fairly well with a few keeper trout.
This past tue an wed was in east matty an couldnt buy a bite, was definatly on top of reds as I could see them. Likely spooked them good.
My lack of experience an knowledge with artificals was definatly a factor. All in all i had fun an learned some stuff. Packing up for work an getting ready to give it a go when i get back.
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By Ron Mc
I vote with Tobin, Matagorda and farther down the coast to find some saltier water. There are cheap fishing shacks in AP, and easy drive to Copano north or Mustang Island south - of course that's always more fun with a group.

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