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PACK meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, August 20th @ 6:30 pm. You have a choice..... 1) Go home, eat dinner, and then watch re-runs of Three's Company or 2) Go to a PACK meeting and do what many of us love doing and that is talk about fishing and listening to the guest speaker talk about fishing.

We have Bryan Treadway coming to speak. Bryan is a flounder specialist. He will be talking about flounder tactics and locations on where to go to catch flounder. Even if you know how to catch flounder, I can guarantee he will know something you may not. With the flounder run about to begin in a few months, this is a perfect time to get things ready for the run. You can't ask for a better speaker to come and speak than Bryan Treadway. Come on out and enjoy your time at a PACK meeting.

For those of you that don't have enough time to go home and grab dinner before coming to the meeting, come to the PACK pre-meeting. The pre-meeting is at Goode Co. BBQ on I-10 West in the Carter's Country shopping strip. Folks start coming as early as 5:30 pm to eat dinner and to talk fishing. Afterwards, we head over to where the PACK meeting will be taking place at.

For more details, see the pack site: www.packtx.org

Go to the events page and check out all the meetings for the year and all the fishing outings PACk has. For the location of the meeting, scroll down to the bottom of the events page. The information is listed in red.

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