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By Floundapounda122
Can someone send me a image or direct me where She’ll island is? I know snake island is closer to sea isle but isn’t Shell island close to Jamaica beach? Also would it be a long wade to shell island if i walked in at the road next to Jamaica beach?
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By crusher
In google earth, look to the west of Jamaica Beach, and north of Bird Island Cove.

If you need GPS coordinates, here you go: 29°11'22.44"N 95° 0'58.29"W Plug these in to any GPS app or system.

You aren't wading there from Jamaica Beach, sorry. You could kayak there, anchor up, then wade perhaps. Watch for the grey taxman :shock: .
By Floundapounda122
Thank you sir! I’m talking a few friends down this week to west bay galveston this next weekend and i won’t have the yaks. Does anyone know of any good walk in wade spots on the west end besides SLP?
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