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By Ron Mc
Decided I was going to get a back-up spinning reel, part of it is wanting to rig multiple rods for Arroyo night fishing this fall, where lure change-up is everything.
Was looking at Daiwa, Penn, which the newer reels are largely unknowns to me. Went to look at Tica on Amazon, and they had marked my Libra SX3000 down to $50, which they seem to do two or 3 times/year, maybe to generate interest - I snagged one. It was kind of a no-brainer for me, I like the reel, already have one, plus a lined spare spool.
The only difference between the SX3000 and SX3500 is the spool depth, of course they swap, and TicaUSA customer service is fairly easy to contact and buy a spare spool. That said, the shallow spool gets me pushing 200 yds of straight 12-lb Seaguar fluoro, and can improve on that with braid. I think the shallow spool also lays a flatter line for longer casts.
My birthday present to me included a 7'2" St. Croix Legend MM glass spinning rod
Imageand I'm fairly certain Tica is making most of the reels already being discussed on this thread.
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By JW FunGuy
That is a pretty reel Ron!
FYI the Daiwa BG (BlackGold) reels have been around since like 1981, this latest model has been out I think for a couple of years. That is one reason I went this route, I knew parts would definitely be available.
If you or anyone else wants to know more than you wanted to know about them check this out.

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