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Well, as some of your have already seen on the website or received a sneaky single in your order ;-) I have a new color out for those that requested it ( I make the colors you guys want). And they still like that old classic red and white tail. It is one of the all time best colors in many water conditions from green, sandy, to downright dirty, even stained waters with tannins from run off, an algae bloom, or serious red tide event. Maybe that's what we should call it 'Red Tide' because it's killer!!! Fish the red and white and then submit a catchy name for the color and I'll put everyone into a hopper and reward the winner with a couple extra packs. I will say that Reed already submitted the name "Strawberry Feilds" which is also cool, but let's have everyone have a shot at it.

I put a new twist on the old classic. Belly is see-through with red flake; back is red with gold, black, gold hologram, and even a little hint of purple and it's got enough flash to catch the sun and penetrate the water conditions. Tail is not white.. it's White Pearl with silver flake!!!! it's brighter than white. I mean, let's take an old classic and improve it!!!

So if you like Red and White, and you want to throw something different, that has worked for years and years...then here's your chance.


As always use your 2cool discount .. .its my way of giving back

AND if you order 8 packs (any combination of colors) we'll upgrade the shipping to Priority for FREE! You don't even have to ask for it... just something we do.
RedWhite Sun.jpg
RedWhiteGlamourShot.jpg (42.52 KiB) Viewed 798 times
RedWhite Sun2.jpg
right on!!! absolutely..you're welcome guys!!!

for those that want to hit the local stores..

the following have the Strawberry White as well as the other colors
  • Anglers Anonymous in Katy
  • Slickwater Tackle in Clute
  • Tackle Town in Rockport
  • Fishermans Place in Corpus Christi
  • Matts Reel Repair in San Antonio

Stores that have the lure in other colors
  • SaltSwag - Bay City
  • Matagorda Outfitters - Matagorda
  • EMB Saltwater Gear - Sargent
  • Hook Line and Sinker - Harlingen
  • Livin Reel Salty - Portland

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