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By ben_beyer
I'm 5'10" and I currently fish out of a Jackson Coosa HD. I am planning on buying a good used Tarpon 140 in a few months for use in saltwater.

I currently have a 240cm AT Fishstix paddle. According to the charts, a 230cm paddle is recommended for my height and the width of a Tarpon 140 (28").

Is there any reason why this paddle wouldn't work with the Tarpon 140?

It seems to be that something 230-240cm should work fine.

https://paddling.com/gear/at-paddles-ex ... ix-paddle/
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By Ron Mc
the 28"-wide boat is a bit narrow for that length paddle.
All my height is in my legs, so I sit kind of short for my 6'3", but I use 210 and 215 cm paddles with my T160
The longer paddle will probably work, especially with a touring stroke, but I think you'll be giving up a little efficiency.

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By Neumie
I was in a T140 this past weekend and used my 230cm paddle and I felt it appropriate for the kayak (I'm 5' 11"). A 240cm paddle will be OK, better to be too long than too short in my opinion.

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