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By jrsac
Hello everyone, I am thinking about taking the yak down to one of a few different areas soon looking for flounder. I am thinking Christmas bay, chocolate bayou, or somewhere on Galveston island. I have the gigs and lanterns that I have used in the past for walking some flats but I have never done it off the Kayak. Any recommendations on approximate locations/areas to look out for or equipment that you love would be appreciated. I also would appreciate advice on the lights you use night fishing on your kayak. I haven't found any of the Nav lights (red/green and white) that I need to be on the water at night. anything is appreciated. TIA and tight lines!
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By TroutSupport.com
Christmas, lower west, and also over by the north shoreline of Pelican island.

Academy used to have some LED tubes.. one tube had red / green and the other had white. They met the regulations and we're inexpensive. Might be able tofind something similar on Amazon if Academy or One of the kayak places like Austin Canoe and Kayak don't have them.
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By kickingback
Yes. I have those as nav lights on my Hobie. As for night fishing I use a Rayovac Indestructible Light that is water proof and floats. I use a head band light to tie hooks and release fish. I also bought 4 of the green 24" lights and put two up front and two in the back.
If you want to gig and make your own light search YouTube for flounder gigging lights.
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By jrsac
I have made lights before but I didn't use an LED and the heat the light put off mixed with the water cooling it down caused quite a problem with the PVC. I am sure it will be better this time around. Do you have a picture of the lights installed on your rig? and did you just use clear silicon to seal the holes that were made from the screw set? I know it will sit above the water line but I don't want to take any on if I can avoid it.
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