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By imacintyre
Good morning! Looking to fish around Sargent in the coming weeks...current plan is to fish the Y at Caney Creek and the ICW.

On satellite it looks like there is a possible put-in at the end of Dolphin Way Rd; does anyone know if there are any problems with that spot? If so, I can put in near the bait camp and fish around Dead Caney.....no 4x4, and I don't know Mitchell's currents enough to be confident there yet.


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By Yaklash
I don't know about access, but I have been through there and fished the area from a power boat

Be aware of the current. Be aware of the boat traffic. Certain times of year, days of the week and tidal flows, there can be some power boat traffic that might make even a power boater think twice.
By imacintyre
And that's why this place is awesome! Don't get to fish enough as it is, and it helps to have an idea of any pitfalls before heading out. Gotta get back home to the wife and boys!

Thanks for the idea of Crab Trap; that looks plenty fishy, with little spots to pull off out of the way (both parked and on the water). Would be nice to pull up and get a nice meal after fishing! Gonna have to take a day off to go give it a try.

On a side note, years ago we were having a crawfish boil down there on Caney.....short version of the story ends with me tossed in the creek after chasing the wrong cousin with a monster mudbug. Was worth it!

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