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By fishingw/f.o.c.
Want to get into landbased shark fishing. Just looking for some ideas as to what rods, reels, and lbs test line I should go with. Post your rigs..... I have some stuff just not sure if it would work for landbased shark fishing.
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By Ron Mc
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By Angler
Above look like some good resources.

I once hit the surf and a few T-heads like the old Texas City Dike and did well with 12 ft one piece surf rods with Penn Jigmaster reel casting “8 n Bait” meaning 8 oz spider weight with a good size mullet or 1/2 crab. This rig, spooled with 80lb braid and steel leader, was capable of casts well over 100 yards, but you better have some leather on your thumb, and your thumb on the reel or you’ll have the backlash from hell to occupy your time for awhile.

There are several reels that will do the trick, including some large spinning reels which are much easier to cast for many, though I don’t believe I could ever get the same distance out of a large spinning rig vs a free-spooling bait caster on bearings.

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By Getz-Some55
Check out the BTB section of the site. You can use similar reels and tackle for what we use in BTB.
When it comes to gear, it's mainly a matter of switching to different pole (longer, perhaps heavier).On the reels, line capacity is more of a factor for land-based vs. BTB. Here's a helpful document from the section with some additional links.
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By gordadude
I have 2 penn 9/0s on 6’6” 30-80lb boat rods(1 penn mariner and 1 all star) and a 12/0 on a custom cal star 130-unlimited rod, those baits are kayaked out. My casting combos are jigmasters and penn squalls on 10ft American rod smith and bass pro ocean master rods. Hard to beat the AMERICAN MADE penn senators, they are tough as nails and simple to rebuild. I run the 9/0s 99% of the time, the 12/0 gets bulky sometimes. I use all mono leaders, 700lb topshot with 1200lb drops.
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By fishingw/f.o.c.
Well this is what I have so far......
penn 9/0 spool with 100lbs braid x 1000 yards
Penn Fathom 60 high speed lever drag spool with 65lbs braid x 850 yards topped with 60lbs x100 yards momoi diamond mono.
Shimano tyrnos 30 spooled with 80lbs braid topped with 80lbs x 100 yards momoi diamond mono.

Think that will do the job???? Not looking to hook a monster just your medium size shark... maybe 8’ish.

But surf fishing is like a box of chocolates... you never know what you are going to hook.

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