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sad to hear about the crash. i doubt any redfish or trout were in the area, that areas been fresh for a while this winter. Probably more likely some catfish. Amazon shipments will be delayed.

Last minute of flight to crash plane dropped 6000 feet. Many think the problems started out over the gulf but I don't think so. only the flight recorder box will know.

here is interesting graphic and information
https://flightaware.com/live/flight/GTI ... /KMIA/KIAH
I saw something on that the cargo could have shifted throwing off the center of gravity in the plane leading to an uncontrollable dive. This was from someone who understands airplanes.

Cargos are secured to prevent this from happening, but evidently the securing mechanisms can fail. Center of gravity is a big deal in airplanes, especially if they are at their carrying capacity. My pilot friend is careful when loading out his Cessna and particular about the weight of each item including passengers and where each should go in the airplane.
https://www.cbsnews.com/news/amazon-pla ... 019-02-26/
https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles ... ree-aboard

More on the crash. The third and final victim has been found. Looks like the debris field, 100 x200 yards, will present a problem for navigating that area. There’s evidently footage of the final seconds from the perspective of the jail about a mile away.

“In the final seconds, it was plummeting at 30,000 feet per minute, far outside a typical flight envelope.” From the Bloomberg link. That’s about 340 mph.

And 340 mph is just the rate of descent. It was likely traveling faster than that unless it was in a completely vertical dive.

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